The Pro Flight Yoke System

39.00€  134.99€
Model: 717725

  • Main function: Primary flight control
  • Part of the Saitek Flight Control System
  • Compatible with PC
  • 14 buttons
  • Elevator control
The Saitek The Pro Flight Yoke System will make any flight simulation game much more enjoyable, fun and realistic, as it is designed to replicate flight controls and make you feel as though you are actually in the cockpit and in perfect control of your flight!

Spread your wings

With precision elevator control and 14 button controls (including 6 on the quadrant), whatever game you are playing, the Pro Flight System PC Joystick will put you in a position of control.

Featuring a 3-position mode switch, you'll have all perspectives of your flight covered, and as the The Pro Flight Yoke System, comes with a dual desk clamp ensuring you'll always feel secure whilst on your flight!

Technical specifications for SAITEK The Pro Flight Yoke System

Type Flight yoke system
Main controller function Primary flight control
Compatible platforms Windows
Gaming system Part of the Saitek Flight Control System
Connectivity USB 2.0
Colour Black
USB USB 2.0 x 3
Analogue controls 3-axis throttle quadrant
Other features - Chronometer for flight timing
- Stainless steel yoke shaft
Other system requirements Saitek Smart Technology software (included)