PLAY:5 Wireless Smart Sound Multi-Room Speaker - Black

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Model: 148616

  • Compatible with Sonos Smart Sound music system
  • Wireless Hi-Fi sound anywhere in your home
  • Uses your home WiFi network
  • Control via the Sonos controller app on phone/tablet and PC
The Sonos PLAY:5 Wireless Smart Sound Multi-Room Speaker allows you to connect with other Sonos speakers to fill your house with music - enjoy flexible playback and control options as well as great sound from its multiple drivers.

Play different music in each room

With Sonos you can play tunes from all your digital libraries, tune into internet radio station and stream music from online services, all at once. Create a party atmosphere by streaming the same sounds to all your speakers, or let everyone in the family enjoy their own music choice in different areas of the home.

The PLAY:5 is so simple to set up, so you can control all your music and the speakers in each room (speakers are sold individually) using your Android or iOS device and the free Sonos Controller app.

Get going quickly

You won't need in-depth knowledge of speaker or wireless technology to enjoy your Sonos PLAY :5 - simply place it in any room where you want to hear music, and connect it to your home WiFi network using the Sonos Controller App.

If you've got a Sonos CONTROL unit, just follow the simple onscreen prompts from the Sonos System Setup software - and you'll be hearing music all over the house in next to no time at the touch of a few buttons.

Precision-tuned audio

Hear your music and audio entertainment with optimum power and clarity thanks to the six custom-designed drivers in the Sonos PLAY :5 - these include three tweeters and three long-throw midrange drivers, each with a dedicated amplifier.

The speaker features trueplay room tuning technology that uses microphones built into any iOS device to tune it for the best possible sound, irrespective of where you've positioned it in the room.

Touch controls and new features

It's a pleasure to operate the PLAY :5 with its top-mounted touch panel, making playback smooth and convenient. Simply tap it to increase or decrease the volume, or swipe it to change tracks.

Sonos add new features and music services regularly - once the system's been registered, you'll get automatic notifications for available software updates. Then just push a button and leave your system to update itself.

Get more out of your music with the Sonos PLAY:5 Wireless Multi-Room Speaker.

Apple Music now compatible with Sonos

The Sonos PLAY:5 | The ultimate smart speaker for today's streaming universe.
Pure, True Sound
Step up to the PLAY:5; the powerfully smart speaker that fine-tunes its sound to bring you all the energy and emotion the artist packed into the original recording. Music that's pure, ferocious, tasty and true.
Thoughtfully designed.
Every detail of the PLAY:5 has been meticulously engineered to make listening to digital music simpler, more immersive and more satisfying. It combines six smartly synchronized drivers with innovative, room-adapting TRUEPLAY tuning to deliver a brilliantly exact reproduction of the music you love. Each instrument, each voice, every detail shines through with remarkably distinct clarity. You'll connect with your favorite songs on a whole deeper level. Through sound that's pure and precise. With zero audible distortion. Even when you crank it up loud. Really loud.
More brains. More brawn. More better.
With its relevant, gracefully restrained design, its precise acoustic fidelity, and its ever-evolving software smarts, the Sonos PLAY:5 is that brilliantly intuitive audio powerhouse that will transform your home listening experience right now-and for as long as you love music.
  • Six custom-designed drivers with dedicated amplifiers.
  • Trueplay tuning delivers sound that's true to the music and right for the room.
  • Apple Music handpicks songs you'll love. Sonos lets you listen to them out loud.
  • Control all your music and streaming services from a single app.
  • Uses your WiFi. Easy to set up and expand your system over time.
  • Audio line-in auto-detecting 3.5mm audio line-in connection.

True to
the music.
Trueplay* fine-tunes your Sonos speaker for a spot-on playback of what the artist recorded. As flawlessly perfect or beautifully imperfect as they played it. With nothing tweaked. And nothing lost.

Trueplay listens to a sound played from your Sonos speaker with your iPhone or iPad.
The measurement detects distorted sounds in your room.
Then, Trueplay adjusts your Sonos speaker settings to be even more true to the sound.
* For your Sonos PLAY:1, PLAY:3 and PLAY:5. Works with iPhone and iPad only.

This is Sonos
The Smart Speaker System
Sonos speakers combine built-in sensors and smart software to make your listening experience easy. Every speaker is simple to set up, no technical skills needed. Regular software updates with new features and services ensure your speakers just keep getting smarter, for as long as you own them.
One App Does it All
The free Sonos app gathers all your favorite music and streaming services in one place. Use your smartphone or tablet to quickly find the songs you love on your streaming services or in your own digital library, then choose the rooms where you want to listen and control all the playback settings room by room.
All Your Music, In Any Room
Play a different song in the living room, bedroom or kitchen, or the same track in every room. Access your iTunes and personal music library. Stream Apple Music or your other online music services, and over 100,000 internet radio stations from around the world. The Sonos app lets you find, play, control and explore your music, your way.

Sonos on home WiFi
Connect Sonos to your existing WiFi network
Start with any Sonos speaker.
Connect to your home WiFi network using the free Sonos app.
Enjoy music in every room, in perfect sync.

Usage Music Music Music Home theatre + Music
Drivers 2 3 6 9
Stereo from a single speaker  
Line-in     Audio optical
Stereo pair  
Home theatre rears  
Multiple orientations  
Wall mountable  

Technical specifications for SONOS PLAY:5 Wireless Smart Sound Multi-Room Speaker - Black

Type Wireless multi-room speaker
Colour Black
Number of speakers 1 (includes 6 x speaker drivers)
Sound enhancement Trueplay room tuning technology
High-resolution audio files supported - WAV
Other audio features - MP3
- iTunes Plus
- AAC+
- Ogg Vorbis
- Audible (format 4)
Playback via aux-in Yes
Controls - Volume
- Tracks
- Equalizer
- Music source
- Room select
Access to internet radio Yes
Range name Sonos
Number of attachable multi-room speakers 32
Multi-room connection via Home WiFi network
Speaker configuration options - Attach 2 rear speakers to PLAYBAR and SUB for a 5.1 surround system
- Create a stereo pair using 2 Sonos speakers
- Install speakers in every room
Hardware required Wireless router
Compatible hardware components All Sonos products
Compatible playback devices - iOS
- Android
- PC
App name Sonos Controller app for Android & iOS
Multi-room app features - Control via smartphone
- Access all digital libraries
- Music choice
- Volume
- Room choice
- Alarm
- Equalizer
Streaming services available - Spotfiy
- Deezer
- Napster
- Google Play
- Soundcloud
Wireless Yes
Bluetooth No
AirPlay No
Inputs - 3.5 mm jack x 1
- Ethernet x 1
Power options Mains
Wall mountable Yes - accessory sold separately (not available from Sonos)
Mounting position Horizontal & vertical
Box contents - Sonos PLAY:5 Wireless Smart Sound Multi-Room Speaker
- Power cord
- Ethernet cable
- Sonos QuickStart Guide
- Legal/Warranty information
Boxed dimensions 295 x 492 x 251 mm (H x W x D)
Weight 6.36 kg
Boxed weight 9.04 kg
Manufacturer's guarantee 2 years