Cam Smart Security Camera

39.00€  149.00€
Model: 143349

  • Monitor your home from your smartphone or tablet
  • Receive notifications when sound or movement is detected
  • Records in Full HD 1080p
  • Compatible with iOS / Android
Monitor your home from wherever you are with the Nest Cam.

Smart home monitoring

The Nest Cam can monitor anywhere in your home - all it needs is a plug socket and a WiFi connection.

You can view a lived feed from the camera directly on your smartphone, tablet or PC from anywhere in the world. You can even receive notifications when sound or movement is detected, making NEST Cam the ideal security device when you're away.

It records and streams in full 1080p HD, so you always get a detailed view of what's happening. Built-in night vision means you can see everything clearly at any time of the day.

Pet and baby monitoring

Along with keeping an eye on your home while it's empty, the Nest Cam is the perfect baby monitor. Point it at the crib or bed and receive notifications of any noise or movement, so you can relax downstairs while your little one sleeps.

Along with clear audio from the camera, you can speak into your phone or tablet's microphone to communicate with anyone in the room - ideal for checking up on the dog when you're out. 

NEST home

Combining the camera with Nest Thermostat is ideal for home security. Set the thermostat to Away mode and the camera will automatically start recording and turn off when you get home.

Nest Cam works with Nest Protect too. If the Nest Protect detects smoke, the Nest Cam captures everything to the Cloud for reviewing at a later date. 

Keep your home and family safe with the NEST Cam.
Plug-in-and-go security.
The Nest Cam Indoor security camera helps you look after your home – from anywhere. Watch the action in 1080p HD and receive alerts if something happens.
On your phone 24/7.
24/7 live video.
The 130° wide-angle view lets you look after your home in 1080p HD, day and night.
See in the dark.
Night Vision helps you keep an eye on things around the clock.
Alerts on your phone.
So you'll know if something happens when you're away.
Zoom and enhance.
Stream every detail with 8x Clear Zoom.
Quick and easy setup.
Just plug in the power cable and download the Nest app.
Talk and listen.
Speak to get someone's attention through the Nest app.
Don't miss a thing with Nest Aware.
Every Nest Cam comes with a free trial.
Starting at £8 a month, Nest Aware gives you more intelligent alerts and 24/7 cloud
recording. And you'll automatically get a free trial. Here's what you'll get:
Person alerts.
So you can see if someone's
actually there.
Video history.
Record up to 10 or 30 days of video and keep it secure in the cloud.
Create clips.
Create custom clips and timelapses to download and share with friends, neighbours or with the whole world.
See why Nest Cam is better.
What we do
What we don't do
24/7 live streaming
Nest Cam plugs in, so it doesn't run out of power. And you can check in as much as you want.
Limited streaming
Cameras that rely on batteries give you limited streaming to conserve power. And what happens if they die when you're away on holiday?
24/7 continuous recording
With Nest Aware, you can see the full story, not just part of what happened.
Record event snippets
Some cameras only record if they sense motion. But if they miss something, you will too.
Person alerts
With Nest Aware, Nest Cam can tell the difference between a person and a thing. So you'll get alerts that you care about.
Generic alerts
Some cameras notify you about every little movement. So you constantly get alerts that you don't care about.
Two-way audio
Hear what's happening and let a stranger know that you're paying attention.
No audio
So you can't speak to get someone's attention or hear what's happening.
Crisp 1080p video
Nest Cam's high-quality glass lens, image sensor and 8x digital Clear Zoom let you see every detail in full 1080p HD.
Low-quality video
Some cameras say that they have HD, but their sensors and plastic lenses give you a lower image quality.
Bright, clear Night Vision
Eight infrared LEDs help you see the whole view, even when it's dark.
Grainy video at night
Some cameras give you a pixellated spotlight view when it's dark.
Cloud storage
With Nest Aware, Nest Cam stores your video history safely and securely in the cloud so that you can access it at any time.
Local storage
If a camera stores video on a memory card and it's stolen, there's no way to go back and see what happened.
Share live streams
Create public or password-protected live streams to share with family, neighbours or the whole world.
No shared live streams
So if you want to share what's going on, you have to give away your password.
Check in from all devices
Sign in to the Nest app at any time from a phone, tablet or laptop. And invite family members to do the same.
Check in from one device
Some cameras can only stream to one device. But what if you lose your phone or want to check in from your laptop?

Technical specifications for NEST Cam Smart Security Camera

Type Smart camera
Location Suitable for indoor use
Mounting Wall mountable
Number of cameras 1
Horizontal resolution 1080p
Night vision IR LED
Audio recording Yes
Dimensions 167 x 166 x 107 mm (H x W x D)
Weight 800 g
Suitable for DIY installation Yes
Box contents - Nest Cam Smart Camera
- Nest stand
- Wall mounting plate
- 3 m USB cable
- Nest screws
- Nest power adapter
Manufacturer’s guarantee 2 years